Celiac Disease, Gluten Free and Wheat Free Bracelet

Celiac Disease, Gluten Free and Wheat Free Bracelet


Comfortable fit and waterproof. 100% Silicone Adjustable Wrist Bands. Latex-Free. Great for kids of all ages and even fits adults!

Celiac Disease is written in the green on purpose to be discreet, while the gluten free and wheat free are in the white to be more obvious to alert teachers, substitute teachers and other parents in the event you may not be with your child to explain how crucial it is to keep your son/daughter away from cross-contact.

Many adults are not aware that being celiac means you must be gluten free and wheat free. Just because an item says gluten free on a package does not mean it is safe for a celiac. You have to ensure the ingredients do not contain and are not manufactured in the same facility as wheat. This includes many arts and crafts products too that your child may interact with at school or church. This is at the very least a conversation starter or something to alert teachers that your child may need extra attention when it comes to lunch or snack time.

Green is the official color that represents Celiac Disease Awareness.

$1 for every bracelet sold goes to fund research and will be donated to www.cureceliacdisease.org at the University of Chicago or the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment Team at Massachusetts General Hospital.

If you do not purchase for a school bracelet then wear it for Celiac Disease Awareness!

Note: Our manufacturer tries to mirror each bracelet exactly, but some have a slightly different positioning of the green color. It's very minimal, but I want you to be aware of it.

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