We are not a support group where you come to meetings and sit around a circle talking about the hardship of being gluten free while sipping coffee from a styrofoam cup. There is certainly a time for that considering all the obstacles we go through managing celiac disease, but this group is designed for families looking to join a community of people that are required to live gluten free and wheat free lives to be healthy and to function day to day. This group is here to provide an avenue for shared education, uplifting community, purposeful conversations and to simply remember what it's like to let our kids be kids and let us parent's see the joy on their faces without that inevitable moment where they turn to us and go, "mommy/daddy, I can't have what my friends are having". We want our kids to know they are not alone in this journey. Join us as we explore our great state of Texas together, laugh, share some wine (between parent's of course) and maybe even share some certified gluten free snacks. 


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