There will be about four events a year and a lot of love on the blog year round. They are designed to be fun events not centered around food, where our kids get to be kids and we as parent's can enjoy chatting with other mom's and dad's that are either on the struggle bus of the gluten free life or have it all figured out. As a community of gluten and wheat free people, we can all learn from each other and provide positive and uplifting support.

We do not have to put the focus on the disease when we go on these adventures, but we can still build a network of friends managing many of the same obstacles. At each event we will get to see how other parent's prepare snacks, we can map out restaurants that are safe and continue to spread awareness as we will inevitably have to make some phone calls in preparation of attending the event or check the online resources available to us. We will build more confidence in our community as we gain personal experience and figure out where the best places are to go in our great State of Texas. 

Join us for one or all four events each year. If you meet friends you want to hang out with again, don't be shy and ask for their number to hang out between events! 

Sign up to hear about our small get together's throughout the year at local coffee shops, ice skating during the winter season and more. 


Event 1

Austin, TX

October 6, 2018
Saturday, 2pm-4pm

Thinkery Austin (museum) 

1830 Simond Ave

*Tickets can be purchased here:

Event 2

Fort Worth, TX Stockyards

November 3, 2018
Saturday at 2:30pm

Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show at the Cowtown Coliseum

*Must purchase tickets online: 

Event 3

San Antonio, TX

March 2019 Spring Break


*Must purchase tickets online:



Event 4

Dallas, TX

June 2019

Children's Adventure Garden at the Dallas Arboretum

*Must purchase tickets: